I was in the adventure of each shutter.Time, place, conditions that did not matter at all, one can stay awake for the beautiful moment, and feel exhausted. You would have many reasons to get inspiration for dozens of the world's most beautiful assets. A beautiful composition, philosophy or commitment, what ever the name, I think a sense of photography remained in conclusive. Regardless of hearing the rain, mud, and cold air, itis something completely different to look at the world passionately after viewfinder.

Finally, I came to point that what I want to do with the technical equipment I have was not sufficient to understand. So, it was the time to begin using the DSLR machine. Thus, I've decided to take the first steps of professional photography. Now, it was the time to find the answers of other questions. What of kind camera should I have bought? What could be the brand and model? Each brand and model has different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. What was the most suitable one to be able to work? I did some research for a long time, I asked about my friends ideas and I took advice from the masters. I have blended what I have read, heard, and seen; finally I  made adecision by buying my first DSLR camera. I couldn’t get enough totake photos with my new camera.While I started photography adventure in a small compact cameras long time ago, I continued with compact cameras passionately  having the zoom feature. I compared my photos with my more experienced colleagues photos. I tried to understand their techniques by examining the photos. I had the opportunity to observe identical results, to see the same space, objects and photos from different angels with different techniques.

Each time it seemed to open the door to another magical world, by looking through the viewfinder frame, setthe touch shutter button. I was taking photographs at every opportunity. This situation continued for a while, but after a while I realized it was not enough to buy a camera. It was more strongly than necessary to have new lenses, accessories and this required a severe financial power. I once had the effect of passion for photography. Nothing could make me give up of this passion. I started to strengthen technical opportunities step by step and I still continue. There are many ways to go and I’m determined to go until the end.

A picture of the missing passion in his life was completion of each of the human adventure.

I will be continuing to remain vigilant to complete the picture.





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